Mason 60- Art Series

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Important note:

This purchase is a Group Buy.  We will receive full payment before manufacture and delivery of orders.  There may be unforeseen problems which may lead to delays, especially with the COVID situation.  As a general policy we do not offer refunds or cancellations on Group Buys, but we try to be as accommodating as possible so please contact us if there are any issues. 



In terms of design philosophy- I designed the shape of the Mason60 case to highlight the uniqueness of the material. I wanted a fat top bezel to show off the surface pattern and a chunky profile with very round edges which fit the "heavy" and "smooth" feel of stone or marble.


One of the benefits of inhouse production and our casting process is that we can go from idea to prototype in a matter of hours. During our experimentation we came up with techniques that involved brushing and splattering patterns before casting. We took inspiration from the art world's most iconic painters and created the Mason60- Art Series.

The designs are painstakingly applied by hand before the casting process. This means the surface of the keyboard case and wrist rest have a lovely smooth feel and luxurious gloss finish. As the designs are not simply painted onto the surface, they will not scratch off.


• Sakura Pink
• Foliage Green
• Paint Splatter
• Neon Splatter
• Midnight Sky


Click the link for a sound test including with and without case foam or cork dampener


The Mason60 is cast from a gypsum resin composite. Once the case is demolded and then sanded, it almost feels like marble- cold and smooth. It's heavy, impact resistant and sounds great!


• Individually hand-crafted keyboard case and wrist rest- every single item passes through my hands
• 60% style case, should fit most GH60 style PCBs (e.g. DZ60)
• Tray mount with removable screw posts and stand offs (up to 6) and M2 screws
• Silicone O-ring dampeners
• Cork liner on the bottom of the case for grip and additional dampening
• Optional EVA case foam and/or cork case dampener
• Optional matching wrist rest


• Date- March 13th, 12pm EST (we realize that we managed to pick a day where everybody is changing to daylight savings in North America, but we will stick to EST and not EDT)

• Group Buy will happen in a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS
• Purchase will be through our website
• Visa, Master, Apple Pay, Google Pay
- Note that we have decided to not accept Paypal since they have been a nightmare to work with
• Quantity-
- Keyboard case- 80 units (case + wrist rest set will count as one unit)
- Standalone wrist rest- 30 pcs
- Limit one set per person (one keyboard case, one wrist rest)

• Estimated shipping out date:  May 2022 (please allow another 3 weeks for delivery)


• Case: $230 (worldwide shipping $50, Middle East $75)
• Case + wrist rest: $280 (worldwide shipping $70, Middle East $100)
• Wrist rest alone: $60 (worldwide shipping $30, Middle East $40)
• Optional EVA case foam: $10
• Optional cork case dampener with logo: $14

Customer will be responsible for all customs and duties for their country.


Case: 310x140x36mm, 1400g, front height 25mm, internal size 287x95mm (please check it fits your PCB)
Typing angle 6.5deg

Wrist rest: 310x75x23mm, 800g


There may be some small air bubbles on the surface due to the casting process. Due to the hand made nature of this product, no two pieces will be identical in terms of pattern. This product is sanded by hand and so the external dimensions and contours may vary slightly. It will never be as accurate as a CNC'd product, but that is part of the charm of something literally sculpted by hand!

Colors will be close to what you see in the photos (as far as one can tell from a phone or monitor).


The Mason60 is sealed with beeswax and is water resistant, but please wipe off any moisture straight away to avoid leaving a mark on the wax coating. Please also keep your Cheetos away! Clean with a damp cloth and if needed you can reapply some wax (you can use Vaseline), though this shouldn't be needed for a long while.

While strong and impact resistant, it will shatter if you drop it from a height onto a hard surface. It will scratch if impacted with something sharp, but minor scratches can be sanded out.


We are a product design studio based in Hong Kong, specializing in creating beautiful cast objects! We are currently focused on keyboards and also offer a line of coffee accessories (pretty sure there is a sizable overlap between these interests!). As we make everything inhouse, we have more direct control over quality and timeliness vs outsourcing the manufacturing.