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23/7/22  UPDATE: 

The Group buy for the Zen Series is over! If you are interested in a re-run of the series, please leave your name and email, and let us know which colorway you like in this form. Or if the stars align, there maybe some extra spots that open up- good luck!


Important note:

This purchase is a Group Buy.  We will receive full payment before manufacture and delivery of orders.  There may be unforeseen problems which may lead to delays, especially with the COVID situation.  As a general policy we do not offer refunds or cancellations on Group Buys. However we try to be as accommodating as possible so please contact us if there are any issues.   

Note that this product is just keyboard case and wrist rest.  Customers will need to provide their own PCB, plate, switches and keycaps.

Limit 1 unit per customer.

Customers are responsible for customs and duties in their country.


The first 50 units will be shipped out in September 2022

The remaining 50 units will be shipped out in October 2022.

Extras sold between 18th and 22nd of July will be shipped out November 2022


Customers have been sent an email to confirm their expected delivery dates. Please check your email. If you have not received our email, please check your spam/promotional folders or contact us! 




The Zen of Keyboard. We all know it.  You're typing and you enter The Flow State- the world around you melts away, punctuated only by the clack, clack, clack of fingers on keys. Inspired by this Zen-like state of unfettered productivity, we created the Mason60- Zen Series 60% keyboard cases with a raw, stone look. 



The Zen Series is cast from a cement resin composite. It is a cast in a mold and then acid etched to reveal the mineral aggregates within.  It looks and feels like real stone.  It is very heavy (even heavier than previous gypsum based models) and sounds fantastic. 


  • White Granite 
  • Basalt Black 
  • Sandstone 
  • Terracotta 
  • Slate Grey  


  • Individually hand-crafted keyboard case  
  • 60% style case, should fit most GH60 style PCBs (e.g. DZ60) 
  • Tray mount with removable screw posts and stand offs (up to 6) and M2 screws 
  • Silicone O-ring dampeners 
  • Cork liner on the bottom of the case for grip and additional dampening 
  • Optional EVA case foam and/or cork case dampener 
  • Optional matching wrist rest  
    • note that the wrist rest will have a slightly different finish to the board.  We sand it instead of acid etching to obtain a smoother surface, so that it is more comfortable on the wrists.  You can still see the stone texture, just not as prominently as on the keyboard case.
    • The wrist rest is smooth and comfortable on the skin.



Case:  310x140x36mm, 1650g,  front height 26mm, internal size 286.5x95mm (***please check it fits your PCB***) 

Typing angle 6.5deg 

Wrist rest:  310x75x26mm, 800g 



There may be some air bubbles on the surface due to the casting process- we think this adds to the "stone" look.  This product is sanded by hand and so the external dimensions and contours may vary slightly.  It will never be as accurate as a CNC'd product, but that is part of the charm of something literally sculpted by hand! 

Colors will be close to what you see in the photos (as far as one can tell from a phone or monitor). 


Location Case Only  Case + Wristrest
Hong Kong (where we are based in) $7.00 $9.00
China, Taiwan, Macau $25.00 $30.00
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines $35.00 $50.00
Australia, Europe, USA*, Canada $50.00 $70.00

Middle Eastern Countries

$110.00 $180.00

No Additional shipping charges for EVA case foam or cork case dampener. 

*For shipping to US Armed Forces location, please contact us 

Customer will be responsible for all customs and duties for their country. 


The Zen Series keyboard cases (cement resin) are acid etched and then sealed for stain resistance.  They are completely waterproof.  However, it is still advised to wipe off any liquids with a cloth to avoid staining.  You can clean it with a damp cloth or for stubborn stains scrub it under running water with a toothbrush. 



We are a product design studio based in Hong Kong, specializing in creating beautiful cast objects.  We are currently focused on keyboards and also offer a line of coffee accessories (pretty sure there is a sizable overlap between these interests!).  As we make everything inhouse, we have more direct control over quality and timeliness vs outsourcing the manufacturing.