Portafilter Handle

We are excited to share our portafilters with you! They match our existing espresso tamper designs for a coordinated espresso bar design. We are currently in the final stages of product development.

They are stylish stone-like handles with stainless steel portafilter head. Feels smooth to touch with durable built quality. It is highly water resistant, which means it won't crack from the constant temperature changes and exposure to humidity from the espresso machine

There will be an options for: 

- Purchase handle only (USD$65) or with portafilter head (USD$90)

- Classic Handle style or Straight handle style

- Screw thread size of M10 or M12. For the option with the portafilter head, it will be M10.

We are still developing the knobs for Rocket espresso machine, stay tuned by subscribing to our email or follow our socials. 


If you have other suggestions for coffee gears we can customize, we love to hear from you!