Collection: Mason60- Zen Series, In Stock

The Zen of Keyboard. We all know it.  You're typing that essay or coding that program and you enter The Flow State- the world around you melts away, punctuated only by the clack, clack, clack of fingers on keys. Inspired by this Zen-like state of unfettered productivity, we created the Mason60- Zen Series 60% keyboard cases with a raw, stone look. 

Our Mason60 designs up until now were created from a gypsum resin composite, that feels like polished marble.  With the Zen Series we use a different material, a cement resin composite.  After casting, we acid etch the surface to reveal a rough stone texture. 

The new Zen series comes in four striking but understated colorways- White Granite, Basalt Black, Sandstone, Terracotta.