Mason60- Custom Keyboards

The Mason60 is a 60% keyboard case that we cast from various types of engineered stone.  The Mason60 shape features thick bezels and rounded edges to highlight the stone "theme" and to provide a bigger canvas to showcase our designs and textures.

Our initial designs were made from a gypsum resin composite which feels like polished marble, while our latest Zen Series features a cement resin material resembles raw stone.



• Individually hand-crafted keyboard case and wrist rest- every single item passes through our hands
• 60% style case, should fit most GH60 style PCBs (e.g. DZ60)
• Tray mount with removable screw posts and stand offs (up to 6) and M2 screws
• Silicone O-ring dampeners
• Cork liner on the bottom of the case for grip and additional dampening
• Optional EVA case foam and/or cork case dampener
• Optional wrist rest

NOTE- this is a keyboard case only, you will need to supply your own PCB, switches and keycaps to have a functioning keyboard




Forged Series

Introducing Mason60 Forged, a new experimental series of cold-cast metallic keyboard cases for 60% PCBs.  Made with resin and real metal powder, then backed with a core of engineered stone, the Forged series also features different surface textures and patinas.

For full gallery please click here


Zen Series

Inspired by this Zen-like state of unfettered productivity, we created the Mason60- Zen Series 60% keyboard cases with a raw, stone look. 
Sold out! If you didn't manage to snag one, fill in our form to be notified of any extras that open up or future runs of the Zen Series.
Back by popular demand, our fun and whimsical Jawbreaker came back for another round! 
Production is in progress, estimated shipping in July 2022.
This is a collaboration between our studio and content creator @kitanabladex. The light delicate brush strokes on the light blue keyboard case were inspired by fluffy clouds and blue skies, which when paired with the Sakura Pink wrist rest gives off warm, dreamy vibes.
We came up with techniques that involved brushing and splattering patterns before casting. We took inspiration from the art world's most iconic painters and created the Mason60- Art Series.
Our first group buy featured the Mason60, an engineered stone 60% key board case in terrazzo and other styles. 
GMK Diner Collab
This special collaboration case and optional wrist rest is made in a terrazzo style, with colored chips inspired by the vibrant colors of GMK Diner.  The case comes in two colorways, black or white.