N63 PCB configuration instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of the N63 PCB, a GH60 compatible keyboard PCB with per-key RGB and under glow RGB leds.  

Download the JSON file here.


The PCB can be configured using VIA by following the below instructions-

1) Connect your PCB to your computer via a USB C cable

2) Visit the VIA web app-  https://usevia.app/

3) Click "Authorize Device"

4) Select NA63 and click "Connect"

5) You should see a configurator with tabs on the top. Click the gear icon for Settings and then enable the "Show Design Tab" toggle.

6) There should be a new paintbrush icon visible now which is the "Design" tab. Click on this and click the "Load Draft Definition" button and upload the JSON file which can be downloaded here.

7)  Click the keyboard icon to take you to the "Configure" tab. Make sure the keyboard layout looks like below.  You are now ready to customize the keyboard to your liking!