GMK Diner collab keyboard case


The Mason60 is a 60% tray mount keyboard case made of Jesmonite, a type of engineered-stone composite. In addition to our own upcoming Group Buy, we are happy to announce that we are an official collaboration partner for GMK Diner, a beautiful new keycap set by MVKB!

This special collaboration case and optional wrist rest is made in a terrazzo style, with colored chips inspired by the vibrant colors of GMK Diner.  The case will come in two colorways, black or white.
60% style case, should fit most GH60 style PCBs (e.g. DZ60)
Removable screw posts and stand offs
Silicone O-ring dampeners
Cork liner on the bottom of the case for grip and additional dampening
Optional EVA case foam
Case:  US$200     (Shipping US$50 to USA, EU, Asia)
Wrist rest:  US$50    (Shipping US$20 to USA, EU, Asia)
Case + wrist rest:  US$230  (Shipping US$70 to USA, EU, Asia)
EVA case foam:  US$10
For shipping to other locations please ask for shipping quotation.
Group buy:  Aug 10th to Sep 1st 2021
Quantity:  Unlimited
Delivery date:  Q3 2022  (timed with release of GMK Diner keycaps)
Please note this is a Group Buy and is subject to delays.  You will be charged immediately and there can be no refunds.  This is a pre-order for the Brazen x GMK Diner keyboard case, items will be produced only after payment is received.  Group Buys are subject to delays and the delivery date is a guideline only.
Case:  310x140x35mm, 1.4kg  (front height 23mm)
Typing angle 6.5deg
Wrist rest:  310x75x23mm, 800g
Sound test here
Gallery (real prototypes, not renders!)
Materials and finishing:
The Jesmonite is mixed, pigmented then cast in a mold.  Once it sets, the case needs to be sanded down to reveal the chips inside.  This is quite a laborious process, going from 80 grit all the way to 2000 grit. The case is then sealed with a special wax, to provide water and stain resistance.  The resulting finish is smooth enough to see reflections, like polished marble.  Due to the casting process there may be some small air bubbles on the surface, the largest of which will be filled in, but small ones may remain.  In my opinion the small bubbles add some character to the piece and makes it feel more stone like. Bear in mind the hand-made nature of this case means the exterior dimensions will not be perfect like CNC aluminum, but this is part of the charm!  
This material is fairly strong and tough, though it will break if dropped onto a hard surface.  During normal usage it shouldn't scratch easily.  The finish can be repaired by sanding it down and re-applying the wax (I will include a small amount with each order).  The final finish is water and stain resistant (water will bead on the surface, but shouldn’t be left standing. Please no oily Doritos fingers!).  Routine cleaning can be done with a damp cloth.