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Espresso Portafilter- Galaxy Blue

Espresso Portafilter- Galaxy Blue

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Portafilter Head (Bottomless)


Add an espresso tamper to your order, and get 15% off the espresso tamper price! Limited time availability and only applicable to made to order espresso tampers. 


Stylish stone-like portafilter handles with stainless steel portafilter head. Feels smooth to touch like polished marble. It is water and heat resistant and won't deform or crack when left attached to the group head (though it will become slightly warm to the touch).

There are two handle styles to choose from: Classic and Straight. The Classic handle is 125mm long while the Straight handle is 135mm long. 

We currently stock E61 (58mm) portafilter heads. We will likely be stocking Breville (58mm) and Gaggia (58mm) soon and other brands might be available on request.  Please do send us an email!

We also offer the standalone handle, in M10 or M12 screw thread (i.e. 10mm or 12mm diameter). 

 Production time

Our products are made to order. Most products will take 5-7 working days to make before being shipped.

Each item is hand cast, sanded and sealed in our studio. Each piece is unique, therefore colour and pattern may vary slightly. There may be minor imperfections like small air bubbles. There may be color variations due to different casting batches.

Care Instructions

Our products are sealed to protect against moisture. To clean, use a damp cloth.  While water resistant, do wipe dry as soon as possible to avoid stubborn stains. Do not use abrasive materials to scrub the product. Do not put in dishwasher or soak it in water for long periods of time. 

Our products are durable and and resistant to impact as long as they are used as intended. However, we do not guarantee there will be no damage if dropped from a height.


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