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Forged Series- Wristrest (standalone)

Forged Series- Wristrest (standalone)

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Introducing Mason60 Forged, a new experimental series of cold-cast metallic keyboard cases for 60% PCBs.  Made with resin and real metal powder, then backed with a core of engineered stone, the Forged series also features different surface textures and patinas.



Mason60 Forged series is cold cast in a mold, with an outer layer of metal powder and resin, with a core of engineered stone for added rigidity and weight. Most of the colorways also feature some form of patina finish which adds depth to the metallic texture and creates a weathered look- no two keyboard cases will look the same.  The case is then sealed with a durable wax coating to protect the surface finish. 



The Forged series breaks a lot of new ground for us- the first time working with metals and the first time we've created new surface textures.  There is so much to explore with these new techniques, but we wanted to start with a limited selection of styles first, ones that we think look the best. 


  • Brass with aged patina
  • Silver Bronze


Hong Kong (where we are based in) FREE
China, Taiwan, Macau $3.00
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines $10.00
Australia, Europe, USA*, Canada $15.00

No Additional shipping charges for EVA case foam or cork case dampener. 

*For shipping to US Armed Forces location, please contact us. There may be additional charges subject to the location.

Customer will be responsible for all customs and duties for their country. 


Wrist rest: 310x75x23mm, 800g


Our cold cast metal finish looks very similar to real metal but it won't be 100% the same.  While very hefty, the case will not be as heavy as the equivalent volume of solid metal.  It will be cool to touch, but less cold than the real thing. 

Due to the nature of the cold casting process, there may be imperfections in the finish (small dents, minor blemishes) but this adds to the weathered metal aesthetic we are trying to create.

The process of patination is also inherently unpredictable so the photos you see are for reference only.  The final patina pattern might look quite different from the photos.  We will make sure the final product looks beautiful, but you will need to trust our design instincts on this.  The flip side of this is that every single finish will be unique.

Each board is sealed with a protective wax which should ensure that the patina does not rub off on hands or clothing.  The wax also serves to preserve the look of the metal, though be prepared for some minor change in the patina over time.

Note that the physical shape and contours of the board are determined by the mold itself and so will be identical (with the exception of minor blemishes) to what you see in the photos.


The Forged Series keyboard cases are cold cast with metal powder and then sealed with a special wax for stain resistance.  Wipe with a damp cloth if necessary.  While water resistant, wipe off any liquids or oils immediately to avoid staining.  



We are a product design studio based in Hong Kong, specializing in creating beautiful cast objects.  We are currently focused on keyboards and also offer a line of coffee accessories (pretty sure there is a sizable overlap between these interests!).  As we make everything inhouse, we have more direct control over quality and timeliness vs outsourcing the manufacturing. 

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