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Keycap Artisan Tray- Corgi Butt, B-Stock

Keycap Artisan Tray- Corgi Butt, B-Stock

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We like big butts, we cannot lie- corgi butts that is!  

Hand-made from engineered stone (feels like polished marble), the Corgi Butt artisan tray was inspired by our very own Cookie and her fluffy tush.  

These trays are B-stock and will have some minor flaws or blemishes.  Please use the photos without the writing as the most accurate reference.



  • The artisan tray is cast from a gypsum resin composite. Once the case is demolded and then sanded, it almost feels like marble- cold and smooth. It comes with am anti-slip cork bottom. 
  • Tray with 12 slots x 1u
  • Tray Size160X210x16mm




Location Artisan Tray
Hong Kong (where we are based) $5.00
China, Taiwan, Macau $8.00
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines $10.00
Australia, Europe, USA*, Canada +$10) $20.00

*We do not ship directly to US Armed Forces location. Please provide an alternative location

Customer will be responsible for all customs and duties for their country. 


There may be some small air bubbles on the surface due to the casting process. Due to the hand made nature of this product, there may be some color variation from piece to piece.  The product photos are for reference only as they will appear different depending on your screen.  This product is sanded by hand and so the external dimensions and contours may vary slightly. It will never be as accurate as a CNC'd product, but that is part of the charm of something literally sculpted by hand!


The artisan tray is sealed with beeswax and is water resistant, but please wipe off any moisture straight away to avoid leaving a mark on the wax coating. Please also keep your Cheetos away! Clean with a damp cloth and if needed you can reapply some wax (you can use Vaseline), though this shouldn't be needed for a long while.

While relatively strong and impact resistant, it will shatter if you drop it from a height onto a hard surface. It will scratch if impacted with something sharp, but minor scratches can be sanded out.


We are a product design studio based in Hong Kong, specializing in creating beautiful cast objects! We are currently focused on keyboards and also offer a line of coffee accessories (pretty sure there is a sizable overlap between these interests!). As we make everything inhouse, we have more direct control over quality and timeliness vs outsourcing the manufacturing.

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