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Mason60 Kintsugi Rd 3- Sapphire 1

Mason60 Kintsugi Rd 3- Sapphire 1

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This in-stock drop of Mason60 keyboard cases is inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken porcelain is repaired using lacquer and gold powder. Rather than trying to hide the cracks, they become a beautiful feature that tells a story.

Note that we didn't actually smash the keyboard case- we found it was too weak after reassembly. The gold cracks were actually created with resin dusted with real brass powder.

As this is an in-stock drop, what you see in the photo is what you get!

Optional Artisan Tray and Screw Tray- these will be made to order so may have some color discrepancy to the keyboard. The exception to this is black or white sets, as these can be matched. Note that the price of these add-ons already includes shipping.


The cases are cast in a mold from a gypsum resin composite, then polished. It feels smooth and heavy like marble. This product is a case only, you will need to supply your own GH60 compatible 60% PCB, switches and keycaps. Matching wrist rests are also available.


  • Individually hand-crafted keyboard case
  • 60% style case, should fit most GH60 style PCBs (e.g. DZ60. Freebird60 seems to have issues, please avoid if possible)
  • Tray mount with removable screw posts and stand offs (up to 6) and M2 screws
  • Silicone O-ring dampeners
  • Cork liner on the bottom of the case for grip and additional dampening
  • Optional EVA case foam and/or cork case dampener
  • NEW: Add custom laser cut name/logo to bottom right of the cork bottom. Size approx.Vector graphics to be provided by customer through email at later date)


Case: 310x140x36mm, 1400g, front height 26mm, internal size 286.5x95mm (***please check it fits your PCB***)

Typing angle 6.5deg

Note that this product is just keyboard case only. Customers will need to provide their own PCB, plate, switches and keycaps.


To listen click here


  • Case: $190 (see below for shipping rates)
  • Optional matching artisan tray +$85 (shipping inclusive)
  • Optional matching screw tray +$20 (shipping inclusive)
  • Optional EVA case foam: +$10
  • Optional cork case dampener with logo: +$14


The photos shown are of the exact product you will receive. Due to our casting process, there will be some small air bubbles or blemishes, but they will not be very obvious and only add to the stone texture and feel.

The material is sealed with wax and is water resistant, but any liquids should be wiped off immediately to avoid staining. Oils should be avoided as they will result in stains.


Location Case Only
Hong Kong (where we are based) FREE
China, Taiwan, Macau $5.00
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines $15.00
Australia, Europe, USA*, [Canada +$10] $30.00

No Additional shipping charges for EVA case foam or cork case dampener.

*For shipping to US Armed Forces location, please contact us. There may be additional charges subject to the location.

Customer will be responsible for all customs and duties for their country.

Care Instructions

About our Material

Most of our products are casted from gypsum-resin or concrete-resin composite material. 

It is

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Resilient

When using our products, you can feel safe in the knowledge that there are no VOCs. 

How do I clean the product?

For our Mason60 keyboard cases, wristrests and coffee accessories, our products are protected with wax sealant. If stained, use a damp towel to wipe off as soon as possible. Stains may remain on the product if left uncleaned for too long. 

The products are not dish washer safe, or microwave safe. 

Our concrete products  (which is made from a cement-resin composite) are acid etched and then sealed for stain resistance.  They are completely waterproof.  However, it is still advised to wipe off any liquids with a cloth to avoid staining.  You can clean it with a damp cloth or for stubborn stains scrub it under running water with a toothbrush. 


How durable is it?

Our products are durable and and resistant to impact as long as it is used for its intended purpose. However, we do not guarantee its integrity and do not guarantee there will be no damages  in case of accidents (e.g. dropping on the floor).

If you accidently scratch our products, you can sand it down and apply wax to seal it again (not applicable for the Forged Series).


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