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Custom Pet Portrait- Coaster (Set of 2)

Custom Pet Portrait- Coaster (Set of 2)

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Gift yourself or a loved one with a custom coaster featuring your furry companion! Each set is customized with a design to match your pets. It's the purrfect, one of a kind gift for pet lovers, and makes a chic addition to your home. These stylized pet portraits are not just printed on the surface; it is inlayed to ensure the portrait does not come off if it is accidently scratched.


Pet Coaster Features: 

  • The coasters are made from eco-friendly gypsum resin composite, feels like stone and is durable.
  • They are protected with an acrylic sealer which makes the coaster stain resistant. 
  • The coasters come with a cork bottom. Optional- Add a laser engraved Pet's name or  message  to the cork base (limit 35 characters). Please provide us with your custom message via "Order Special Instructions" when you click on the cart icon so that we can prepare the engraving.
  • Coasters are 10 cm X 10 cm, and 0.6 cm thick.
  • The price includes 2 coasters, both with the same design and color for 1 pet.
  • These coasters are handmade. Please note the color may vary slightly from the photos. 

How to order:

  1. Select the color you would like for the coaster background. If you would like a custom color, message us or email us!
  2. Select the inlay color. If White inlay is selected, the white & light colors of the pet portrait will be inlayed. If Black inlay is selected, the black & dark colors of the pet portrait will be inlayed. Please refer to our product photos.
  3. Add product to cart. Each set includes 2 coasters with the same color and pet portrait. If you would like more than 2 coasters, repeat the steps above and add to cart.
  4. After completing your order, please send us the image of the pet. Image shall be minimum size of 1500 x 1500 px with 300dpi for optimal results. Please refer to the Photo Guide. Please upload the photo using this form.
  5. The coasters will take 5-7 working days to produce. 


  • For all white or all black dogs, there may not be enough contrast to create a nice inlay.  If you have a "low contrast" dog please message us before purchase!
  • Since this is a custom product, we do not offer returns or refunds for this product. However, do let us know if there are any defects, we will offer a replacement.
  • Please follow the photo guidelines for the photo requirement for the best results! 
  • Due to our casting process, there will be some small air bubbles or blemishes, but they will not be very obvious and only add to the stone texture and feel.
  • The color of the final product may vary slightly from the photos as seen from the phone/computer.

Care Instructions

About our Material

Most of our products are casted from gypsum-resin or concrete-resin composite material. 

It is

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Resilient

When using our products, you can feel safe in the knowledge that there are no VOCs. 

How do I clean the product?

For our Mason60 keyboard cases, wristrests and coffee accessories, our products are protected with wax sealant. If stained, use a damp towel to wipe off as soon as possible. Stains may remain on the product if left uncleaned for too long. 

The products are not dish washer safe, or microwave safe. 

Our concrete products  (which is made from a cement-resin composite) are acid etched and then sealed for stain resistance.  They are completely waterproof.  However, it is still advised to wipe off any liquids with a cloth to avoid staining.  You can clean it with a damp cloth or for stubborn stains scrub it under running water with a toothbrush. 


How durable is it?

Our products are durable and and resistant to impact as long as it is used for its intended purpose. However, we do not guarantee its integrity and do not guarantee there will be no damages  in case of accidents (e.g. dropping on the floor).

If you accidently scratch our products, you can sand it down and apply wax to seal it again (not applicable for the Forged Series).


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