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Zen Series Keyboard Kit: White Granite

Zen Series Keyboard Kit: White Granite

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The Zen of Keyboard. We all know it.  You're typing that essay or coding that program and you enter The Flow State- the world around you melts away, punctuated only by the clack, clack, clack of fingers on keys. Inspired by this Zen-like state of unfettered productivity, we created the Mason60- Zen Series 60% keyboards with a raw, stone look. 

This item is in-stock.  Please allow around 7 working days for it to ship out (the timing may be longer if you choose the split space bar options as we order these as needed)

Kit Includes:

  • Mason60 Zen Series keyboard case
  • B63 Hotswap PCB and plate
  • Plate foam
  • Plate mount stabilizers
  • You only need to add switches and keycaps to complete your build 

Optional Add-ons:

  • Matching wrist rest +$40 (and additional $20 shipping)
  • EVA foam case dampener +$10
  • Cork case dampener +$14
  • Matching pen pot +$28, matching pen tray +$28 (free shipping, shipped separately)

About the Mason60- Zen Series Case:

  • Handmade from cement resin composite that feels like real stone
  • Fits GH60 compatible PCBs 
  • Tray mount with removable standoffs and silicone o-rings 
  • Cork liner on the bottom of the case for grip and additional dampening 
  • Dimensions -310x140x36mm, 1600g  front height 26mm, internal tray size 287x96mm, typing angle- 6.5deg
  • Optional wrist rest- 310x75x26mm, 800g

About the B63 PCB-

  • Collection of 4 different fixed layout PCBs featuring ANSI (most common), ISO, with option for normal and split spacebar
  • Hotswap with per key RBG and RBG underglow (north facing)
  • Fully customizable with VIA software (requires uploading provided JSON file and following these instructions), USB-C port
  • Supports replacing backspace with 2 x 1u switches or knobs, but only by soldering for those two positions


Location Case Only  Case + Wristrest
Hong Kong (where we are based in) FREE
China, Taiwan, Macau $5.00
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines $15.00 $30.00
Australia, Europe, USA*, (Canada +$10) $30.00 $50.00




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